About Marine ECU Repair

Owned and operated by ECU Repair Now, Marine ECU Repair is your trusted source for prompt diagnostic and repair of your malfunctioning watercraft engine control unit (ECU) or other watercraft  component circuitry. 

Since 2002, ECU Repair Now has serviced over 5000 automotive and marine modules and has satisfied clients in all 50 states. We make the repair process easy while providing fast and reliable service. Your malfunctioning module will be rebuilt by our qualified technicians using certified OEM components.

Our experienced technicians can quickly diagnose and repair most common module failures, and in most cases have a replacement in the mail within two business days. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality, cost efficient, repair to watercraft engine computer modules. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service, quick turnaround, and our 100% money back guarantee.

Marine ECU repair is committed to offering quality rebuilt Marine Engine (ECU) Computers for all makes and models at competitive prices.


"Cannot say enough good things about Josh. Josh diagnosed my BCM and ordered necessary parts in one day. Total time from door to door was 1 week. Vehicle is up and running with no problems. Josh is very knowledgeable and works to minimize the impact of having a vehicle out of commission. Highly recommend as alternative to replacing BCM at 5 times the cost."
Jim Grane
"Excellent to work with! Very honest, helpful, knowledgeable, and fast testing my ECM. I will be recommending ECU Repair to others for sure."
Kristine Bohn
"After Dealing with an PCM company out of New York, Flagship one, They COULD NOT get me a computer to work properly. Joshua Bradley, with ECU Repair Now, got me a computer very quickly, and now? My truck has MORE power than with any of the computers that Flagship one sent me. THANK YOU ECU REPAIR NOW!!!!!"
Merlin Broaddus



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